About UGER

Today in Oman, tomorrow in GCC, and MENA is the future!

Who We Are

UGER is the first GCC based education supply platform created to close the gap between educational institutions and suppliers, in an effort to efficientize the educational supply process.

UGER Mission

Our mission is to create a service delivery transformation starting in OMAN, continuing in GCC and developing the MENA region. We are committed to providing cost-effective educational supply solutions to educational institutions and to make the education process easier.

What We Do

We gathered all the relevant publishers on one-stop- shop platform and we support educational institutions with real-time delivery of the books, stationary, and art supplies. Our team of experts is dedicated to create solutions for the educational institutions in the region and provide consultancy about the book supply planning.

Meet The Founder

Dr. Jalal Al Hadhrami

Dr. Jalal Al Hadhrami is revolutionizing the education industry trough the region by founding and leading UGER operations. His vision started in OMAN, after carefully studying the education resources supply market. After a two years study market, Dr. Jalal engaged all the relevant stakeholders to finding solutions for an efficient education system. Dr. Jalal Al Hadhrami is a 40 years old Omani investment expert, with a PHD in Financial Management from UC Irvine and board of trustees member of various superior education entities such as Florida Institute of Technology (USA) and the Scientific College of Design (Oman).

UGER History



After a two years long market study, UGER is founded in OMAN.



Responding with a solution to an unspoken market request, UGER is growing fast in GCC establishing its presence in United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

Vision 2023


UGER is following a 5 years expansion plan trough MENA region, bringing together educational institutions and suppliers from all the region’s countries.

Why choose UGER?

UGER is the first platform connecting suppliers and educational institutions and working around the clock in providing the best solutions to the educational establishments.

UGER Team is ready to work closely with our clients, to ease the process of book supply and make sure the books are on the table on time.

We work together with both suppliers and educational institutions to
providing the best options for a flawless delivery process. We commit to short delivery timings and we supervise the journey of the books from the publishing warehouses to the schools.

UGER team is formed by professionals with a relevant background and a rich experience, both regional and international.

We don’t stop at delivery. We provide after sales support and consultancy in planning carefully the supply process and the best options for your educational institution.

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